About us

RDB Baltic SIA is a joint-stock company of a Belgian manufacturer of wooden packing – RDB Pallets BVBA (a subsidiary of French PGS Group) and the Estonian timber importer of timber — SPAREXLINE Baltic.

RDB Baltic SIA is, firstly, a unique system of supplying timber to woodworking enterprises.
Currently, RDB Baltic SIA is one of the major exporters of different timber products in the Baltic region.

The company was launched for purchasing, tracking and forwarding of sawn timber from the Baltic region and Northern regions of Russia, for the needs of the affiliated companies in Belgium and France.
Today, we are delivering our timber to China, Saudi Arabia, Canary Islands (Spain), Vietnam and North Africa as well. RDB Baltic SIA closely cooperating with more than 150 manufacturers of sawn timber.

The annual turnover of the company is abt. 100000m3 of sawn timber, and the corporate performance of the affiliated companies exceeds 700000m3 a year.

Due to the investments into the software, our unique system allows us to monitor virtually a process of orders execution, and, in addition, to track location of any concrete timber pack in a real-time mode – starting from the manufacture and finishing with delivery to the end customer.

Due to the experienced personnel, combined with а strict quality control, our clients get products that meet their requirements.

The main port where we operate is Riga (Latvia), and our head-office as well as the main warehouse locate there, but we also operate through the other ports on Baltic Sea — Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Tallinn (Estonia).

One of the most complicated constituents in timber supply is logistics. Our cargo is handled by two associated companies: 5G Multimodal NV and Sparexline Shipping Co OÜ.

The unique logistic solutions, that they have developed, and the use of non-standard equipment allow us to guarantee up to the time delivery of our goods.
We also cooperate with all the major container lines.

We offer:

sawn timber, softwood – for the manufacturing of solid wood panels, different wooden structures, elements of furniture and decoration (both interior and exterior) and planed timber. A region of origin – Northern regions of Russia;

sawn timber, softwood – for the manufacturing of different framework structures, construction timber.
Regions of origin – Baltic countries and Russia.

sawn timber, hardwood, (defect-free or with limited number of defects) – for the manufacturing of furniture, different types of decorations (internal), moldings etc. A region of origin – Baltic countries.

sawn timber, both softwood and hardwood – for the manufacturing of wooden packing. A region of origin – Baltic countries.

Timber can be treated in compliance with client’s requirements:

KD (8%, 10%, 12%, 18%) or Anti-Stain Treatment.

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