Hardwood timber

Hardwood timber, a region of origin – the Baltic countries

As availability of woods is the relevant major factor for development of the timber sawing industry, timber sawing of hardwood species is one of the crucial industries in the Baltic countries. Therefore, they manufacture both sawn timber for manufacture of palettes and other wooden packing, and the high-quality (defect-free) sawn timber for manufacture of furniture and elements of finish. Plenty of timber manufacturers (sawmills), using different, and even unique, sawing equipment ensure an opportunity for performing any non-standard order. The well-established logistics, due to the Baltic Sea ports, allows us to forward and deliver ordered shipment nearly anywhere in the world.


Regular sizes and quality, supplied by RDB Baltic SIA to the clients in the segment of packing and palettes hardwood sawn timber

— Mix wood Aspen / Alder / Birch Fresh sawn + AST or HT under request.

Quality: Grade 1 / Grade 2 / mixed

Delivery: Door, Free on Truck or any other terms


Regular sizes (pallet and packaging timber)






If requested, we could deliver any non-standard sizes and lengths under your needs!

In case you are interested in the potential cooperation in this segment, please contact us, and we will gladly make you the best offer!